Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1st day in Ramadhan

at 5am i da wake up taw!!
tu pn cz nas kejut..
kalau x, mmg xbgun lah i...
lepas sahur, bc quran sementara tunggu azan..
bgus x i???

around 1pm go to teja's block with ija..
using the washing machine there...
i sgt lah pemalas bab2 bsuh baju nie..
da siap bsuh baju semua, i berfacebooking & jeguk2 blog jap..
da lame x update my blog..

i miss my boyfriend..
b, how are u??
i miss u so much...=(
what i have done to u is so rude right...??
but, i have to do it b, sooner or later...
i have to sacrified our love cz my mom never blessing our relationship...
i'm so sorry b..=(
i love u till the end of my life.
no one can replace u in my mind & soul...

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