Sunday, August 15, 2010

B, i'm begging u!!

b, soriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...............  semlm i lupe nk topup kn u!
bkn sengaja taw, siyes nie!
B, i'm begging u!!
don't leave me!
i'm dying without u, seriously!

actually, we need serious conversation about this prob!
we should solve it, not run from it!!
i know, all this prob b'cause of me...
all about my fault! u can blame me B..
but, i really hope u can give me a new chance to love u again...
B, this is disaster to me!!

i love u so much!! & i know u love me right???
we should not end this story..
cause i always hope it will last forever!!
tp, jika kt dh xde jodoh nk wat mcm mn kn???
i hate it!! i hate it!!
I'm swear if we meet again, i never be same!

last nigth u said "meen, i da fed up ngan u"...
oh God!! i hope it was a joke!!
B, i love u....
i can't live without u...
how can i breath without u...???
i always hope u'll stand by me forever...<3

God pliss help us to save this relationship...
tp, jika ini sampai di sini jodoh ktorng, t'paksa lah terima kn??
it's really hurt me...
mugkin ade hikmah d sebalik semua ini..
& i hope, i gonna be fine when u go..

*B, if i'm not  good enough for u go ahead...
i can't stop u....!!
this is your choice... & i hope you'll be happy with your new life!!
i can't face u anymore cause it really hurt me...
this is our  fate!!
i feel so miserable.. =((

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