Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hye peeps!! How are you?? I hope all of you in the good mood wherever you are in the world, LOL..!! Today i would to nagging about my favorite thing. It is $hoes!! I'm addicted in flat shoes. You know why?? Because i feel so comfortable & confident when i wearing it.. I prefer wear it when i am going to class, leisure and some place that suitable with the shoes...:)) Although my shoes is not expensive like yours, but i  still love my shoes not yours!! I  have some shoes in  my collection until now!! 

i bought it 2 weeks ago..:)

i bought last months..=p

i bought last sem, haha..=p

this is my lovely one!!

my greenyyyy..=)

pinky one!!

this is the purse that i bought for my "ADIK"..

That's all for today folks..:)) Have a GREAT DAY!!!

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