Sunday, March 27, 2011

I used to called her ''ADIK"...:))

Lately i always thinking of her. Maybe i miss her too much.. She always hold my hand  & give an inspiration when i feel like dying. And sometimes i think she more matured than me. When i'm home, she will be cooked to me!! I love your "Kuey Tiaw Goreng", DIK...:)) I swear, miss it!!

Last week i promise her to back home, but i didn't do that! She so disappointed with me because I break my promise to her....:( Istill remember when she called me on wednesday morning with excited voice & ask me... 

ADIK: Meen, jadi x nak balik malam esok?? Kalau jadi, aku nak balik rumah jugak..."  
ME: DIK, sorry sebab xjadi balik minggu nie, ade kerje lar..."
ADIK: Owhhhh... xjadi balik eh?? xper lah macam tu, kita jumpa nanti kalau panjang umur..
ME:..Sorrrrrrrrrrrry dik!!

I am a cruel sisters, yes i do!! I'm sorry ADIK!! To redeem my mistakes, i bought a  red purse for her and I'll be back on this Thursday, insyaAllah we will be meet soon. I love u my dear sister..

she's adorable...:)

she's my only "ADIK" in the world!!
with her after Raya Qurban prayer, last year..:)


  1. i'm so touched when I read it...
    i know u are missing ur sis so much dear...
    but its okay, u are going home soon:)
    chill okay :)
    with love, Ba :)

  2. thanks 4 ur compliment ba...:)
    i love u..:))