Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm Happy For You People

Hye peeps!! How's life?? Today my best friends birthday, Suhada Bt Ideris. You're 21 already DAAA!! * FOREVER 21* Early in the morning, i sms her. *Xde kredit nak call, sorry DAAA. && Yesterday my mother birthday i just wish her birthday through hp because she was at Kelantan & i'm here at Lenduan!! H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y  to you, KU AZIZAH. Hug & kiss from me.. May ALLAH bless mom!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. You're the best mom in the world & I feel so lucky to be your daughter..:)

Since i wake up until now, i just sit in front of my lappy..*addicted gila!! Actually,  i'm in the good mood & happy for some people around me whether they behind me or far away from me! Kindly speaking, i'm happy for you people...

I'm happy with your new life, 
Because I'm happy with my life too...
I'm happy to know about you, 
Because it make me feel release...

I'm happy when i saw you smile,
Because i can join your smile too..
I'm happy with your blessing,
Because i can feel the same blessing too...  
I'm happy when you're well,
Because I'm in well too...
I'm happy to see u around 1 day,
Because it's so meaningful to me..
  Last but not least, I'll always happy for you buddies!!


No words can describe how much i love u mom!


  1. ahaha... mesti lah, jarang jmp mak kn?? biler dapat jmp, kena mesra2! btw tq henry..:))