Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ohhhhh.... A Little Piggy!!

A damnn cute little pink piggy, auwww...:))

mcm nie lar kot babi yg ak nmpak td kalo dh gemok + obesiti!! mmg sesuai sgt bg hadiah dekat Denise Richard sebab dia memang suka bendalah nie!! kalau xpercaya, korang tgk lar sendiri reality show, "Denise Richard: It's Complicated". Banyak kn benda nie dalam rumah die??

 Denise, coz i'm your "biggest fan" so i want give it to u. && i know u like it!! haha..:)

Actually, i'm in the good mood now! Why???  I tell you, why hah??? This is coz  of  a  little piggy that i saw 5 hours ago. So, i feel i should write about it! This story begin when Soba & i just in our way to back home from dinner at Borhan around 10 pm. 

We saw a little piggy when we want to across a small bridge behind the food court in front of UiTM. At first, we think it just a a big cat in the bushed. So, we put a step close with it and try to show our brave. But, when we try to close with it we got shocked because it was a "little piggy" in a black colour.We can heard how badly it's sound, when it know we was there. So secarrrrrrryyyyy, you!! *nada Madam Mai. Automatically, we ran with all the power that we have. *Lari macam lipas kudung taw.. Lipas kudung pun xlari macam tu kot!! 

When i think about it, i feel so funny because Soba & i running faster than motorcycle at the road. *Kitorang jew lari lebih-lebih, bajet babi tu nak kejar kitorang, ahaha...:) And because of the little piggy, we had to use another way that more safer than shortcut lorong haji taib tu to back home safely...

p/s: Mom, i think this is the best reason why you should buy me a car for next semester, hehe..^__^ Bersabung nyawa semata-mata nak g makan malam taw!!

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